Brazilian Music Glossary (by Alice McNeil)

Recently one online agency was conducted a research the main purpose of which was to investigate importance of hobbies such as listening to music, singing, dancing, etc. on peoples creativity and of course improvement in academic studying among students who have join different afterschool activities. The provided research was also well revised and it is said that hobbies really help students and just people to create more, to study and work harder. So below you may see different musical events that are going to be held soon.  

Brazilian Percussion Repertoire

Samba Batucada (2009 studio recording by Luciano Antonio)
Olodum (2010 recording by EEDS led by Avo Randruut)
Congo (2010 recording by EEDS led by Avo Randruut)

Batucuda Breaks:
(2007 recordings by Orquestra de Samba, led by Luciano Antonio)

Break 1
Break 2
Break 3
Break 4
Break 5

Rhythm Patterns- Samba
(2008 recordings by Luciano Antonio and Chris Hasselbring)

Tamborim Basic
Tamborim Intermediate
Tamborim Advanced

Agogo Basic
Agogo Intermediate
Agogo Advanced

EEDS Calls